Shadows Over Faerun

Sinking and Sailing

Players Present: Chris, Jeff, Joy and Ray September 5th, 2010.

So the group had just landed the final blow on “The Source” when yielded to our might. (Rhogar then tended to Flint’s wounds) Kallista, Nicosia and Thorgrimm then interrogated The Source. In order to communicate with this crystal we found that we had to make a physical connection with it. We each proceeded to touch the crystal and try to divulge information from it. It was mostly unwilling to cooperate with us, but managed to get some info from it. Though it was not completely under control from the “Royal Family of Evil Brothers Whose Name I Can’t Remember at this Moment”, It was hesistant to listen to us. At that point Nicosia used arcana to see what bound this crystal into service and see if there was a way to sever the connection. Kallista then opened her mind to the crystal so that it could search her memory and see we were telling the truth about Brennis wanting the citadel moved. The crystal then took that opportunity to dominate Kallista. Dominated, Kallista fired an eldritch blast at Nicosia. Thorgrimm attempted to yank Kallista’s rods from her hands but failed miserably. She then blasted him in response. While Nicosia continued to decipher the weave of magic place on the crystal, Thorgrimm bought time and distracted Kallista. (who kept failing her dominating saving throw) Thorgrim eventually grabbed Kallista, who then responded with a critical hit, bloodying Thor. By that time Nicosia had accomplished her task and got the mountain to move a little. Kallista finally snapped out of her dominating daze and violenty asked the crystal “Did you find the information I told you about.” To which it agreed and and moved further out on the Sea of Fallen Stars. With complete control of the City Secourse, we slowly sank it into the sea.(People were frantically trying to escape the city before it was too late.) We flew back to where we came from to see people cheering on docks as well as people looking awfully concered about the actions that had taken place. Soon after returning Therin had contacted us via sending saying he wanted to meet us. We did, and with him was Aquila (the angel we saved last encounter where Rhogar and Flint nearly died.) and another being, an Aspect of Selune(?). The Aspect(?) then went on to tell us that we should travel to the House of Knowledge in Oghma’s domain. But in order to get there we would need a vessel to sail the Astral Sea with. So she told us to head for the City of Brass, a large mercantile place in the Elemental Choas run by Efreeti, where would likely find one. So we travelled there via a portal held by someone I forget. Aquila had decided to join us on our adventure because she was stuck in our realm anyway. We arrived and explored the very large city. We asked around and found a variety of merchants where we purchased healing potions and a tattoo for Nicosia. (I hope she got a Tramp Stamp!) Thorgrimm questioned a merchant about some skifs and he led us in the direction of a merchant named Daerel (sp?), who ran his shop out of an Astral Vessell called a Spelljammer. He was a human with a Glabreezu slave and fire archon guards. He showed us his wares but refused to part with his ship, or even to ferry us. We thought of sneaking onto his ship and stealing it or fighting him outright. So while Rhogar and Flint continued to shop and gather info, we left to explore more of the city. Walking down an alley, Nicosia, Kallista, Thor and Aquila were attacked by a Marillith, a Hezrou and some ghost dogs. The battle was won, nothing too exciting happened I believe aside from Kallista doing 129 points of damage at one point. We kept the Marillith alive and questioned it asking who sent her. To which she replied “Daerel wanted slaves.” So we decided to watch Daerel’s routine and strike when best. So, getting a little nervous, Nicosia cast Mass Fly and we attempted to sneak aboard, sadly two guards noticed Kallista under the dock’s walkway and the battle started. We faced, five fire archon minions, a glabreezu and Daerel. The battle did not start well, the glabreezu moved into position to attack Nicosia and unleashed hell upon her. He flew over to her, double claw attacked her and then said a word of chaos and a word of blasphemy. Being only the second person to act during the FIRST round, he dropped her to -1. Eventually we over came the odds and beat them all. The Human reverted back to his natural form, this fox looking creature and we now have a ship, the Spelljammer!



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