Shadows Over Faerun

Kill the Priestess!

Date of play: July 31, 2010

Players present: Chris, Joy, Mark, Paul, Ray. (Jeff had to work.)

We semi-randomly explored more of the temple. We came across three opponents, but two of them started running away and yelling. We chased them.

Flint was the first one into a new room while chasing one of our fleeing foes. He was immediately hit by a wave of pain over the loss of whatever was most important to him, and ended up dazed and immobilized. Several of us suffered this effect. Meanwhile, a warlock showed up and started causing us to have a “shadowblighted” condition (if hit, couldn’t heal until his next turn) besides attacking us. However, Rhogar had noticed an arcane symbol above one of the doors; Kallista successfully disrupted this sign, and we no longer had to suffer the ill effects of feeling afresh the pain of our pasts.

Unfortunately, the double doors above which the symbol had appeared opened to reveal Variance (the priestess we were here to kill) as well as additional opponents (two of which were right beside Kallista). Battle ensued. We got quite badly hurt at times, but in the end we prevailed. Rhogar got an improved holy symbol, Kallista got an improved rod, and the whole party got a large amount of gold and treasure. We had cleared the temple, but remembered that our friend Brennus had said he’d temporarily moved some people out of the temple and we didn’t want to stick around waiting for those guys to come back.

This was a level 24 encounter.



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