Shadows over Faerun

With the return of ancient empire of Netheril over a 100 years ago, Faerun has indeed become a darker place. Over the course of the past century, the Shadovar have extended their reach far across the land. An uneasy peace, if it should even be called that, lingers between Netheril and the lands that border it. How long this peace will last is uncertain as this once mighty empire attempts to spread it’s dominating shadow farther across Faerun.

How the Shadows Darkened…previously in the campaign

The PCs entered Faerun unknowingly when the Fane of Shadows brought them to Toril from another world. They spent several years traveling across the breadth of Faerun learning of this new world and trying to make their way in a foreign reality.

Flickering Shadows in Myth Drannor

They eventually settled in the Dalelands. More specifically in Ashabenford of Mistledale. Traveling one day through great forest of Cormanthyr, they passed through a Fey Passage and ended up in the middle of and stopping an assination attempt on Saffrenia Movrymm. While in the eladrin city, the PCs uncovered a plot to cease leadership by a corrupt noble named Dresyae Tlathlyn. Dresyae was secretly under the influence of a lamia named Jelvistra. The PCs discovered that Jelvistra had connections with and was sent by drow. The PCs are declared eternal friends of Myth Drannor and Coronal Ilsevele names the PCs the “Yellow Knights of the Summer Rose”

From the Depths Swarms the Shadow

A rather large force of drow raiders, over 1000 strong, make their way to the surface in the Dalelands. Discovering that the drow have taken over the abandoned town of Essembra. The PCs infilatrated the drow encampment, killed the martial and arcane leaders along with the ruling matron mother. Before dying, the matron mother revealed she was under the control of Queen Hledth.

Flameing Shadows: Forays into the Underdark

Trying to determine where the drow originated from and who Queen Heldth is, the PCs travel into the underdark where they eventually find themselves upon the former drow city of Maerimydra. The PCs learned via a slain mind flayer and its memory crystals that the city is ruled by a Fire Titan name Hledth who sent the drow to the surface to prepare for the coming of the fire giants. The PCs make their way through Hledth’s iron tower eventually killing her and ending the threat from below. To the PCs surprise Hledth’s entire operation to make her way to the surface and conquer the Dalelands was entirely concocted by the Netherese.

Standing Against the Shadows

With the news that all the recent turmoil inflicted upon the Dales and Myth Drannor was planned by Netheril, Myth Drannor and the lands surrounding Netheril decide to finally take a stance against the shadowy empire.

Knowing that full on war would be costly and bloody, the Alliance of Cormyr, Luruar, Evereska, the Dalelands and Myth Drannor decide a more subtle approach is need to deal with the Netherese. The Alliance decides that they will apply political, social and economic pressure on Sembia to try to get the country to sever it’s ties to Netheril and thus Netheril’s most direct link to the rest of Faerun.

With intel from Cormyr, the PCs are tasked with discovering the location and dismantling a secret trade network out of Sembia known as the Shadow Caravans. Shadow caravans combine the talents of the Shadovar with the mercantile genius of Sembian merchant princes. Pulled by both common beasts of burden and creatures of shadow, these caravans travel through the Shadowfell to the farthest reaches of Toril, trading everywhere—even in realms such as Cormyr where the governments have outlawed them. Because they’re not restricted by road dangers, fees, and portage costs, shadow caravans have a significant competitive edge. They can capitalize on opportunities that would take traditional caravans or shipping operations months to even identify.

Shadows Over Faerun

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