Shadows Over Faerun

Stepping into the Epic Tier

Social & Economic Pressures

20 Kythorn 1479 DR – 7 Chess 1480 DR (Year of Deep Water Drifting)


With the disruption of the shadow caravan and destruction of the fringe grounds, the PCs are delegated to apply both social and economic pressures on Sembia to try to make the general populace unhappy and ultimately revolt against their Netherese masters. Over the course of almost an entire year, Sembia’s trade across the Sea of Fallen Stars has greatly diminished and the people are starting to feel it’s effects.

Skill Challenges

The PCs successfully disrupt trade between Sembia, Aglarond and High Imaskar by renegotiating trade agreements in favour of Cormyr and by hiring pirates to attack Sembian ships.

Furthemore, Sembia and thus Netheril’s friendly alliance with Akanul was torn assunder when the PCs managed to “eliminate” the Akanul ambassador and make it look like it was disgruntle Sembian merchant companies.


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