Shadows Over Faerun

Breaking the Seals, Pt. 2

So in continuation of Joy’s last post.

We faced off against that dwarf who appeared out of the runes carved into the stones of Waukeen’s Marketplace. The by standers around, who were fleeing, now turned and stared in amazement and called his name. (I forgot it) Other bystanders, so enthralled by his appearance joined the fight. I don’t believe this battle was too tough, because I don’t actually remember anything amazing about it. Suffice it to say, it was a piece of cake. After beating the dwarf and others, the ground shook and the walkway crumbled, leaving the third seal broken.
We travelled back to our starjammer only to find it over run with denizens of the plane swarming it and angels flying about it. Mark managed to sneak closer and over hear them saying “why haven’t they come back yet.” and “they have to come back here, this is their ship.” So we left that ship and talked to a local sailor to see if he could transport us to the archipelago. He was hesitant and a little skeptical of us but 5000gp was he needed to be reassured. He took us a far as he said he could go but Nicosia cast a ritual on the boat to help with the stormy weather. Soon after a rather large wave pummeled the side of the ship and Rhogar, Flint, Kallista and Thorgrimm were washed off into a sandy area with rune covered rocks holding the water at bay. There we saw the storm titan with the final seal in his chest. This battle was much tougher, with Thorgrimm, Rhogar and Flint nearly dying. Needless to say we overcame the titan and the seal in his chest cracked and with it the giant perished. Now on to saving Cyric the Mad….

Breaking the Seals

We went into the next room of the museum-type place the last session ended in. We had to fight a sphinx and an exalted headmaster-type dude (the curator) in the room where the painting was. The sphinx kept putting riddles into our heads, dazing the affected person until they succeeded at a History check (taking damage every time they failed) or someone succeeded at it on their behalf. Too bad Nicosia was keeping watch outside, because she would have passed every one (wouldn’t have been able to fail); even with Kallista’s +17, we kept failing the level 29 challenge with a lot of 28s. Thorgrim and Kallista each spent some of the encounter unconscious. Flint was telekinetically thrown by the curator across the room, over some stairs, into the next room, where he smashed into a table (breaking it) and spent a lot of time dazed unable to make his History check. Kallista got an awesome critical against the curator…until the curator decided to switch places with Thorgrim and make her hit him instead, for a whopping 101 damage (although Chris realized later this should have been reduced because Jeff wasn’t cursed). Anyway, we eventually prevailed. The painting ripped as we slew the final foe, destroying seal #2.

We then proceeded to the marketplace where the 3rd seal was set into the flagstones. We tried to appear nonchalant and studied the flagstones, discovering that smashing them would work but that there was also likely another way Kallista couldn’t figure out. Some foe spotted us and blew a whistle; foes began coming against us as the merchants grabbed their gold/etc. and quickly vacated the marketplace for the fight. Minions were involved. It was a pretty straightforward fight that we won without too much difficulty. We then started to smash the flagstones. As we did so, a dwarf in armour appeared, looked at us sadly and told us he hoped it was worth it…and began to attack us. We will start this fight next session, having NOT taken a short rest.

Sailing the Astral Sea

So I’m trying to remember how the last session went, so here goes.

We stole the Starjammer from that pompous merchant and sailed away from the City of Brass. We had our vessel but none of us were sure on how to get to the House of Knowlegde. we made some skill checks (can’t remember which ones) in order to see if one of us could guide us in the right direction. Rhogar remembered that in the Astral Sea one can find their way around by using risidual colour streams. Little motes of coler that float in the Astral Sea leading certain dominions, he also gathered that certain dominions have colours associated with them. So I think we followed a yellow colour stream and that led us to the House of Knowledge.
Once inside, we made our way to the Great Library where a kill challenge commenced. We all tried, in various ways to aquire information about such things as what was in the book that needed translation, information on Cyric, info on Shar, the Astra Sea and some other things. During our research about Cyric we learned of the Four glyphs placed on him binding him to his domain. We learned that Sune, Tyr and Lathander all but wards in place to hold him, plus one more, combined of all their power. All these wards were hidden in objects in another domain. (i cannot remember what it was called.) One in a bell, one in a painting, one etched into a market walkway and the last hidden inside an eye of a tornado guarded by a giant.
We started with the Dawnbell. It was situated on an archepelago of floating islands in a tower guarded by angels, we commenced flying up to it and were greeted by a large angel and the bell. The battle consisted of the bell ringer, the bell (yes, it was a trap that attacked us), a bunch of angel minions, and two storm angels. We beat them.
Another skill challenge came along, this time to avoid the watch from seeing and interfering with us. We stealthily and knowledgibly worked our way to the Museum where the painting was being held. In the Museum we fought four librarian mages and thats where we left off.

Sinking and Sailing

Players Present: Chris, Jeff, Joy and Ray September 5th, 2010.

So the group had just landed the final blow on “The Source” when yielded to our might. (Rhogar then tended to Flint’s wounds) Kallista, Nicosia and Thorgrimm then interrogated The Source. In order to communicate with this crystal we found that we had to make a physical connection with it. We each proceeded to touch the crystal and try to divulge information from it. It was mostly unwilling to cooperate with us, but managed to get some info from it. Though it was not completely under control from the “Royal Family of Evil Brothers Whose Name I Can’t Remember at this Moment”, It was hesistant to listen to us. At that point Nicosia used arcana to see what bound this crystal into service and see if there was a way to sever the connection. Kallista then opened her mind to the crystal so that it could search her memory and see we were telling the truth about Brennis wanting the citadel moved. The crystal then took that opportunity to dominate Kallista. Dominated, Kallista fired an eldritch blast at Nicosia. Thorgrimm attempted to yank Kallista’s rods from her hands but failed miserably. She then blasted him in response. While Nicosia continued to decipher the weave of magic place on the crystal, Thorgrimm bought time and distracted Kallista. (who kept failing her dominating saving throw) Thorgrim eventually grabbed Kallista, who then responded with a critical hit, bloodying Thor. By that time Nicosia had accomplished her task and got the mountain to move a little. Kallista finally snapped out of her dominating daze and violenty asked the crystal “Did you find the information I told you about.” To which it agreed and and moved further out on the Sea of Fallen Stars. With complete control of the City Secourse, we slowly sank it into the sea.(People were frantically trying to escape the city before it was too late.) We flew back to where we came from to see people cheering on docks as well as people looking awfully concered about the actions that had taken place. Soon after returning Therin had contacted us via sending saying he wanted to meet us. We did, and with him was Aquila (the angel we saved last encounter where Rhogar and Flint nearly died.) and another being, an Aspect of Selune(?). The Aspect(?) then went on to tell us that we should travel to the House of Knowledge in Oghma’s domain. But in order to get there we would need a vessel to sail the Astral Sea with. So she told us to head for the City of Brass, a large mercantile place in the Elemental Choas run by Efreeti, where would likely find one. So we travelled there via a portal held by someone I forget. Aquila had decided to join us on our adventure because she was stuck in our realm anyway. We arrived and explored the very large city. We asked around and found a variety of merchants where we purchased healing potions and a tattoo for Nicosia. (I hope she got a Tramp Stamp!) Thorgrimm questioned a merchant about some skifs and he led us in the direction of a merchant named Daerel (sp?), who ran his shop out of an Astral Vessell called a Spelljammer. He was a human with a Glabreezu slave and fire archon guards. He showed us his wares but refused to part with his ship, or even to ferry us. We thought of sneaking onto his ship and stealing it or fighting him outright. So while Rhogar and Flint continued to shop and gather info, we left to explore more of the city. Walking down an alley, Nicosia, Kallista, Thor and Aquila were attacked by a Marillith, a Hezrou and some ghost dogs. The battle was won, nothing too exciting happened I believe aside from Kallista doing 129 points of damage at one point. We kept the Marillith alive and questioned it asking who sent her. To which she replied “Daerel wanted slaves.” So we decided to watch Daerel’s routine and strike when best. So, getting a little nervous, Nicosia cast Mass Fly and we attempted to sneak aboard, sadly two guards noticed Kallista under the dock’s walkway and the battle started. We faced, five fire archon minions, a glabreezu and Daerel. The battle did not start well, the glabreezu moved into position to attack Nicosia and unleashed hell upon her. He flew over to her, double claw attacked her and then said a word of chaos and a word of blasphemy. Being only the second person to act during the FIRST round, he dropped her to -1. Eventually we over came the odds and beat them all. The Human reverted back to his natural form, this fox looking creature and we now have a ship, the Spelljammer!

Kill the Priestess!

Date of play: July 31, 2010

Players present: Chris, Joy, Mark, Paul, Ray. (Jeff had to work.)

We semi-randomly explored more of the temple. We came across three opponents, but two of them started running away and yelling. We chased them.

Flint was the first one into a new room while chasing one of our fleeing foes. He was immediately hit by a wave of pain over the loss of whatever was most important to him, and ended up dazed and immobilized. Several of us suffered this effect. Meanwhile, a warlock showed up and started causing us to have a “shadowblighted” condition (if hit, couldn’t heal until his next turn) besides attacking us. However, Rhogar had noticed an arcane symbol above one of the doors; Kallista successfully disrupted this sign, and we no longer had to suffer the ill effects of feeling afresh the pain of our pasts.

Unfortunately, the double doors above which the symbol had appeared opened to reveal Variance (the priestess we were here to kill) as well as additional opponents (two of which were right beside Kallista). Battle ensued. We got quite badly hurt at times, but in the end we prevailed. Rhogar got an improved holy symbol, Kallista got an improved rod, and the whole party got a large amount of gold and treasure. We had cleared the temple, but remembered that our friend Brennus had said he’d temporarily moved some people out of the temple and we didn’t want to stick around waiting for those guys to come back.

This was a level 24 encounter.


Date of play: July 3, 2010 Players present: Jeff, Joy, Paul at the beginning; Ray later.

We met up with Therin. He told us the one thing that the Netheris will not stand for is a sacrilegious act against Sharn. We are to try to destroy the temple and kill the high priestess. While we were discussing this, the shadows in the corner coalesced into a projection of a regally dressed shadowy male. Shadow-man told us we were very brave to try to take down something of importance to the Lady, but that he does want the temple taken down to hurt someone close to him. If we manage to do so, he will be in touch with us.

Rhogar did a ritual to ask an oracle who the man was – his name is Brennus Tamthul. The oracle also told us that Brennus’ rival is Rivalin Tamthul, that his motivation is revenge, and that there are no secret entrances to the temple. Therin told us that Brennus and Rivalin are two of the 12 princes of the Shade Enclave (a floating capital city of Netheris that returned 100 years ago, as opposed to Seccors, which was raised from the sea). Rivalin is an exarch of Shar, and the head of her church (the most powerful church).

After some days, we contacted Brennus via a sending. He told us he’d moved out some of the people who’d been in the church on various pretenses. He also told us that the Netheris were trying to make a deal with some Maruts.

We decided to go to the temple at noon. We discovered that the main public door was the only one for us, because the other one was magically sealed, had no lock, and was made of adamantium.

On entering, we had to pass through a wall of darkness (in place at the front of the church as a “test of faith” for Shar’s worshippers). Making our way further into the sanctuary, we were confronted by Maruts and an Angel of Retrieving. The angel commented that we’d saved the Maruts the trouble of finding us, and battle ensued. This was our first encounter of the day.

We beat them up and killed them all dead. Then we had a second encounter with 2 swordmages, 2 dread assassins and some minions. This was our second encounter of the day and we are taking a short rest.

Stepping into the Epic Tier

Social & Economic Pressures

20 Kythorn 1479 DR – 7 Chess 1480 DR (Year of Deep Water Drifting)


With the disruption of the shadow caravan and destruction of the fringe grounds, the PCs are delegated to apply both social and economic pressures on Sembia to try to make the general populace unhappy and ultimately revolt against their Netherese masters. Over the course of almost an entire year, Sembia’s trade across the Sea of Fallen Stars has greatly diminished and the people are starting to feel it’s effects.

Skill Challenges

The PCs successfully disrupt trade between Sembia, Aglarond and High Imaskar by renegotiating trade agreements in favour of Cormyr and by hiring pirates to attack Sembian ships.

Furthemore, Sembia and thus Netheril’s friendly alliance with Akanul was torn assunder when the PCs managed to “eliminate” the Akanul ambassador and make it look like it was disgruntle Sembian merchant companies.


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