Shadows Over Faerun

Sailing the Astral Sea

So I’m trying to remember how the last session went, so here goes.

We stole the Starjammer from that pompous merchant and sailed away from the City of Brass. We had our vessel but none of us were sure on how to get to the House of Knowlegde. we made some skill checks (can’t remember which ones) in order to see if one of us could guide us in the right direction. Rhogar remembered that in the Astral Sea one can find their way around by using risidual colour streams. Little motes of coler that float in the Astral Sea leading certain dominions, he also gathered that certain dominions have colours associated with them. So I think we followed a yellow colour stream and that led us to the House of Knowledge.
Once inside, we made our way to the Great Library where a kill challenge commenced. We all tried, in various ways to aquire information about such things as what was in the book that needed translation, information on Cyric, info on Shar, the Astra Sea and some other things. During our research about Cyric we learned of the Four glyphs placed on him binding him to his domain. We learned that Sune, Tyr and Lathander all but wards in place to hold him, plus one more, combined of all their power. All these wards were hidden in objects in another domain. (i cannot remember what it was called.) One in a bell, one in a painting, one etched into a market walkway and the last hidden inside an eye of a tornado guarded by a giant.
We started with the Dawnbell. It was situated on an archepelago of floating islands in a tower guarded by angels, we commenced flying up to it and were greeted by a large angel and the bell. The battle consisted of the bell ringer, the bell (yes, it was a trap that attacked us), a bunch of angel minions, and two storm angels. We beat them.
Another skill challenge came along, this time to avoid the watch from seeing and interfering with us. We stealthily and knowledgibly worked our way to the Museum where the painting was being held. In the Museum we fought four librarian mages and thats where we left off.



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