Shadows Over Faerun


Date of play: July 3, 2010 Players present: Jeff, Joy, Paul at the beginning; Ray later.

We met up with Therin. He told us the one thing that the Netheris will not stand for is a sacrilegious act against Sharn. We are to try to destroy the temple and kill the high priestess. While we were discussing this, the shadows in the corner coalesced into a projection of a regally dressed shadowy male. Shadow-man told us we were very brave to try to take down something of importance to the Lady, but that he does want the temple taken down to hurt someone close to him. If we manage to do so, he will be in touch with us.

Rhogar did a ritual to ask an oracle who the man was – his name is Brennus Tamthul. The oracle also told us that Brennus’ rival is Rivalin Tamthul, that his motivation is revenge, and that there are no secret entrances to the temple. Therin told us that Brennus and Rivalin are two of the 12 princes of the Shade Enclave (a floating capital city of Netheris that returned 100 years ago, as opposed to Seccors, which was raised from the sea). Rivalin is an exarch of Shar, and the head of her church (the most powerful church).

After some days, we contacted Brennus via a sending. He told us he’d moved out some of the people who’d been in the church on various pretenses. He also told us that the Netheris were trying to make a deal with some Maruts.

We decided to go to the temple at noon. We discovered that the main public door was the only one for us, because the other one was magically sealed, had no lock, and was made of adamantium.

On entering, we had to pass through a wall of darkness (in place at the front of the church as a “test of faith” for Shar’s worshippers). Making our way further into the sanctuary, we were confronted by Maruts and an Angel of Retrieving. The angel commented that we’d saved the Maruts the trouble of finding us, and battle ensued. This was our first encounter of the day.

We beat them up and killed them all dead. Then we had a second encounter with 2 swordmages, 2 dread assassins and some minions. This was our second encounter of the day and we are taking a short rest.



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