Shadows Over Faerun

Breaking the Seals, Pt. 2

So in continuation of Joy’s last post.

We faced off against that dwarf who appeared out of the runes carved into the stones of Waukeen’s Marketplace. The by standers around, who were fleeing, now turned and stared in amazement and called his name. (I forgot it) Other bystanders, so enthralled by his appearance joined the fight. I don’t believe this battle was too tough, because I don’t actually remember anything amazing about it. Suffice it to say, it was a piece of cake. After beating the dwarf and others, the ground shook and the walkway crumbled, leaving the third seal broken.
We travelled back to our starjammer only to find it over run with denizens of the plane swarming it and angels flying about it. Mark managed to sneak closer and over hear them saying “why haven’t they come back yet.” and “they have to come back here, this is their ship.” So we left that ship and talked to a local sailor to see if he could transport us to the archipelago. He was hesitant and a little skeptical of us but 5000gp was he needed to be reassured. He took us a far as he said he could go but Nicosia cast a ritual on the boat to help with the stormy weather. Soon after a rather large wave pummeled the side of the ship and Rhogar, Flint, Kallista and Thorgrimm were washed off into a sandy area with rune covered rocks holding the water at bay. There we saw the storm titan with the final seal in his chest. This battle was much tougher, with Thorgrimm, Rhogar and Flint nearly dying. Needless to say we overcame the titan and the seal in his chest cracked and with it the giant perished. Now on to saving Cyric the Mad….



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